Arash Pourhabibi-Zarandi A Computer Engineer Who Loves His Job.

Hello World!

My name is Arash (Persian: آرش) and I was born in Kerman, a historical and cultural city located in South-East of Iran. My Nickname is NEO. I am a PhD student at School of Computer and Communication Sciences, EPFL. I am a doctoral research assistant at PARSA lab under supervision of Prof. Babak Falsafi. I did my master's in Software Engineering at the Department of CSE and IT of Shiraz University, where I also received my B.Sc. in Software Engineering.

Research Interest

My research interest relies on distributed systems or cloud computing and its abstraction levels from top to bottom; how to efficiently build a Software as a Service (SaaS) and deploy it on a cloud provided platform (PaaS) which is running on a virtualized machine (IaaS). The usage of new multicore CPUs and modern GPUs as the infrastructure of cloud and distributed computing and NoSQL systems as the backbone of its big data computations.

Past Research

My previous research project was a joint research project with the University of Toronto. It's about a scheme, named BigKernel, that provides pseudo-virtual memory to GPU applications and is implemented using a 4-stage pipeline with automated prefetching to (I) optimize CPU-GPU communication and (II) optimize GPU memory accesses. It's based on a proposed compile-time system that takes a BigData application as input and modifies it to automate the CPU-GPU data communications and improve the overall performance of the application. We've developed the compiler tool using the LLVM infrastructure.

What I am proud to be a part of

Another thing I have been recently up to is translating Engineering SaaS book written by Armando Fox and David Patterson into Persian. This is officially supported by the writers and I’m doing this with Dr. Ahmad Towhidi and Nima Towhidi. I’m really excited about this. You can find more information about it here.

You can access my CV from the sidebar.

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