Arash Pourhabibi-Zarandi A computer geek, a food lover, and a traveler-wannabe.

Hello World!

My name is Arash (Persian: آرش) (aka NEO), and I am from Iran. I am a PhD candidate at the School of Computer and Communication Sciences, EPFL, and a doctoral research assistant at PARSA under supervision of Prof. Babak Falsafi. I did my master’s in Software Engineering at the Department of CSE and IT of Shiraz University, where I also received my B.Sc. in Software Engineering.

Research Interest

I am broadly interested in the field of systems and interdisciplinary systems problems found in modern, large-scale datacenters. My current research revolves around efficiency and sustainability enhancement of server systems for datacenters. By characterizing modern server workloads and employing emerging memory subsystems, I look for minimizing the energy footprint and maximizing the compute density of server systems through specialization of various system components, and better system integration.

What I am proud to be a part of

Another thing I have been recently up to is translating Engineering SaaS book written by Armando Fox and David Patterson into Persian. This is officially supported by the writers and I’m really excited about this. You can find more information about it here.

You can access my CV from the sidebar.

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